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Buniyad Annual Dealer Conference 2017

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  • Annual Dealers Conference 2017 - Mumbai : Buniyad Rishton Ki -2017, the 2nd National Premium Channel Partner’s Conference took place on 29th August at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai. The program was attended by a total of 864 dealers, 144 CFA’s and almost 100 plus Company officials. The critical weather conditions of the extreme Mumbai Rains and flood not only delayed the flights ...

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  • Unique in a new avatar: Bengal, Jharkhand & Bihar : Unique is our flagship brand and its demand is growing. We are adding a 30,000 ton capacity to our Durgapur plants to boost Unique production”, said Shri Sandip Ranjan Ghose, Executive President, Sales, Marketing & Logistics. He emphasized that Unique was the second largest-selling brand in Bengal.

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