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3 Home Interior Trends
3 Home Interior Trends You Shouldn’t Be Following

The internet is quick to offer you interior design and decoration trends as soon as their first wave hits digital shores, but it’s very easy to get caught up in the hype and go wrong with them. One needs to practice caution and not give in to every ephemeral trend because decoration and design are generally planned for long term use and you don’t want to be stuck with a nasty trend forever! Here are some examples of decoration and design ‘nots’ that you need to steer clear of:

Innovative Ways To Decorate Your Home Trends

Run away from specialty colours, textures and prints

If it’s a bedsheet, you’ll discard it the second a trend comes to an end, but what if you upholstered your sofa with a momentary popular print (remember newspaper prints)? Brrr! That’s why we advise you give it a long thought before colouring/printing/texturing an artefact in some extraordinary trend.

  • Say no to visible storage

    Book cases may be a rare show at one-in-a-million houses, and they probably even add an earthy, antique charm to a room if designed tastefully, but the one trend you need to be very careful of is choosing visible storage over an option to conceal. What may appear fashionable right now might become a headache in the not so distant future. You should know when to flaunt and when to conceal, and in our opinion, storage is best when concealed.

  • Experimental floors are a strict no-no

    Saw avant-garde designs in wood veneer? New patterns in vitriolic tiles caught your attention? Getting a good deal on a spunky-grain granite? Think again before giving throwing away your money. Floors are like tuxedos, if you stick to the classics, you’ll get them right.