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4 Ways To Make Big Space Cozy
4 Ways To Make A Big Space Cozy

Contrary to popular opinion, decorating a bigger space can be a tough task because there’s, literally, much ground to cover and it’s very easy to go wrong with furniture and accessories. That’s why we’re here! Read on for four ways to add character to a big space and make it cosy:

Full is the new minimal

A big fan of minimal interiors? Well, a big space with minimal interiors could leave a, literal, gaping hole in your life. Try filling it up with big and small artefacts that define the space according to your personality. Chairs, beds, tables, lamps, paintings and plants, there’s a variety of options to choose from. Simply pick a theme and start decorating or go freestyle to surprise yourself with a brand new style.

Smart Ways To Maximize Space In Small Apartments.

Redefine the height of the room with colours

High ceilings? Congratulations, your house will be the perfect place to be when extreme temperatures hit. But what happens when the skyrocketing ceiling starts to appear a bit unnerving? There’s a simple solution to that—create the illusion of a ceiling closer to you by painting the bottom half of the room in a darker shade than the rest of the wall.

  • Stock up on big furniture

    Leave the smaller coffee tables and ottomans to define smaller spaces, fill up a big room with bigger furniture. That way you cover up more space with less furniture and give yourself some breathing room. The size of the furniture adds to the grandeur of the room and takes away from what could be perceived as overwhelming, endless lengths. Canopy beds to compliment the height and L shaped couches (3 seaters and above) occupying the length of the length and breadth of a room, are the perfect examples of big furniture that can change the look of a wide space.

  • Divide and rule

    Have a studio that could put a football stadium to shame or is your bedroom large enough to accommodate three more? Compartmentalise! Cordon of a portion or several portions, of your room into a zone or several zones. Use screens, sofas or even tables to partition your room. If none of these furniture options tickle your fancy, get creative.