Best Time to Start house Construction in India

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    Constructing a house or renovating it needs a lot of knowledge and a huge investment. Our home is not just a structure made of bricks. It’s a beautiful heaven made with love and affection. And we have to make sure the cement we use provides the strength for a long-lasting stay.

    MP Birla Cement is the best cement manufacturer that has built structures of trust and credibility, transforming a dream into a reality. It has a wide range of the best quality cement in India that is perfect for construction. Thanks to its moisture-resistant properties, MP Birla Cement is well-suited for long-term storage.

    A few things to be considered while choosing the best time for construction are as follows:

    A Suitable Weather-

    A India has a varied range of weather conditions. The post-monsoon or winter season is the ideal time for construction to achieve the desired strength of concrete.

    Rain During the Monsoon Season-

    Rain becomes a hindrance during the monsoon season, damaging construction and delaying the time of construction and the setting process. Concrete made during this time may cause a loss of strength. So, it is advised by home building experts to avoid the monsoon reason for construction.

    Because of the low temperature, the hydration is slower, and there are additional pumping costs to drain out the rainwater. Monsoon also comes with the risk of thunderstorms and lightning. The labourers working at that time can come across unfortunate scenarios.

    High Heat During the Summer Season-

    Extreme heat removes the moisture content from the concrete structures, leading to inconsistent settings. During extreme heat, it is too hot for the labours to work.

    So, why create these scenarios? Right!

    The preceding points give an idea that the post-monsoon season and winter is the best time to make your beautiful heaven which will be as strengthful as you want it. Quality houses are built post-monsoon season or during winter with the best cement for construction that stands better than the homes constructed during summer and monsoon season.

    Availability of Labour-

    After you have finalised the contractor for your dream home constructing, make sure there is an availability of labourers.

    During the festive season, the availability of labourers is low as they go to their villages or small towns to celebrate with their families. So be careful about that.

    During the sowing and reaping time of the crops, labour availability is low as they visit their villages.

    Quality is a Factor-

    Choose a good quality cement like MP Birla Cement, the best cement for construction, as it will increase the lifespan of your home. You will save more as a structure made of quality cement will not get damaged. Thus, cutting your repair costs.

    Price of the Cement-

    Some factors that affect the price of ṭhe cement are weather conditions, construction activities, and government permits. So keep yourself updated with the recent prices and stock materials when there is a rise in the product price.

    Choose the right cement, every time!

    So, what are you waiting for? Opt for the best quality cement in India, whatever the weather you choose. Make the beautiful structures of heaven you have always dreamed of with MP Birla cement, the best in the market.