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DIY ideas to jazz up your space

As they say, change is the only constant. More so, if it’s your home. The place you come back to every day. As much as it’s dear to you, after a certain point of time it gets a bit monotonous. When you think of home improvement, it doesn’t have to mean a big overhaul or emptying your pockets. It can easily be done with a few strategic tweaks here and there. These small additions to your home will jazz it up… just the right way.

Concrete candle holder:

All you need for this is a packet of quick dry concrete and copper pipes. You will get it in any local hardware store. First, mix the concrete as per the instructions on the packet and then put it in small square boxes. To make the candle holder, cut copper pipes in desired sizes and push through the concrete while it is wet. Once it dries up, take it out of the box. Your customized candle holder is ready. You can also use it as a table centerpiece.

  • Gardening bench:
    Love gardening but no space for your gardening tools? Get yourself a potting bench and you will see how you don’t waste time looking for them everywhere. To build your gardening workstation, source some ply and screws and put it all together. A three tiered bench looks best but go as per your requirement. You can also put a wire mesh at the back to keep your tools handy.

  • Wooden clock:
    If you just got done with home renovations, then you will have at least one new furniture added to your collection. Knowing how carpenters work, you are aware that after they’re finished, there are always a few pieces of wood lying around. Have you ever thought of carving a wall clock out of them? Just cut the wood piece in a suitable shape (square/round), give it a fresh coat of paint and fix it with the required mechanisms. Your wooden clock is ready!

  • Sitting wall:
    To lend a unique character to your garden, think about constructing a sitting wall. Made of cast concrete, a sitting wall will not only give respite to your after a long day, but it will also act as an attractive outline for your garden.

With all these DIY ideas, we are sure you are looking forward to weekend already. Happy DIY-ing!