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    The Company believes that it is the TRUSTEE of its HUMAN RESOURCES and encourages to develop them to introspect deeply and learn to act not on directives but on inspiration from within, thus aiming to provide a strong motivation to our employees to become psychological co-owners of the organization and to succeed with DETERMINATION & COMMITMENT.

    As facilitators of the growth process of the employees, we are committed to providing a work environment where people are:

    • -Offered full opportunities and challenges to develop individually, enabling career growth.
    • -Encouraged to acquire knowledge to meet the challenges of new technologies and business needs in the changing scenario.
    • -Educated and guided to inculcate and practise right values as are nurtured by the organization.
    • -Provided strong motivation to take the organization ahead.
    • -Assisted in creating and maintaining human resource system for optimizing human potential.

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