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Green Buildings: The Future of Construction
Green Buildings: The Future of Construction

Today, our environment is under threat from several issues that stem from pollution, overpopulation, lack of renewable sources, etc. Everyday the earth is running out of natural energy, making it less sustainable. For those of us who know what it means, this is an alarming news. After untiring research by subject matter experts and structural engineers, builders have now begun to use a more environment-friendly, more sustainable solution to this grave problem: Green Buildings.

What it is

According to the World Green Building Council, “A ‘green’ building is a building that, in its design, construction or operation, reduces or eliminates negative impacts, and can create positive impacts, on our climate and natural environment. Green buildings preserve precious natural resources and improve our quality of life.”

The structures are resource-efficient and environmentally responsible. The construction and operation stages of the building will not damage land or water resources or natural energy sources around the site.

Green Buildings: The Future Of Construction From Mp Birla Cement
Do we really need it?

If we want to leave this world in a habitable condition for the upcoming generations, we must reduce our carbon footprint. Green buildings are constructed in a way that it ensures

i. Reduction of trash, pollution and restoration of environment.
ii. Proper utilization of energy, water and other resources.
iii. Improvement of productivity.

Approach your builder for a better understanding of constructional changes you can make to your home.

What we gain

Greener structures and green construction methods when integrated with design and construction can make a marked difference to this planet. Here are the benefits of a green building at a glance-

  • Environmental Benefits:
    ● Reduces wastage of water
    ● Conserves natural resources
    ● Improves air and water quality
    ● Protects biodiversity and ecosystems

  • Economic Benefits:
    ● Reduces operating costs
    ● Improves occupant productivity
    ● Creates market for green products and services

  • Social Benefits:
    ● Improves quality of life
    ● Minimizes strain on local infrastructure
    ● Improves occupant health and comfort

The price we pay

While initial costs are a little high, but in the long run you will make great savings on energy costs. By opting for green energy, you are also saving the environment.

Want to know what earns a project the ‘Green building’ tag? Consider these points:

  1. Strong and durable structures that can survive natural calamities like flood, earthquake or cyclones.
  2. Spaces that are versatile in nature. Any space over a period of time adapts to multiple usage at the same time. So that when it comes to renovate the place, there is no need to dismantle it. A few tweaks is all you will need.