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Interior Design Tips Of The Week
Interior Design Tips of The Week

Whether you’ve moved in to a new home or are feeling inspired to revamp the good ol’ lodging, there are several conservative or contemporary things you can do to make your dwelling nothing short of a fantastic abode on cloud nine. Here’s a list of three tips that you can use to turn that “I don’t know what to do” frown upside down:

Paint smaller rooms in lighter colours to create the illusion of length

A simple, time tested rule that you can never go wrong with. Smaller rooms can look spacious if you paint them in the right, light colours. It is safe to go with white ceilings and mix them with pastel walls for a roomier illusion. Another hack that adds dimension to a room is placing long mirrors across the length or breadth of the room.

  • Use rugs to add a touch of softness to any floor

    Cemented, mosaic, marble or hardwood, regardless of the flooring in your home or office, here’s a simple accessory can change the atmosphere and add a feel-good factor—rugs. Shag, faux fur, hair-on-hyde or cotton, serve the same purpose in a different style.

  • Demarcate zones to lend personality to your house

    You can design your house to work in tune with your routine— classify the rooms and spaces into personalised zones. An ideating zone, a study zone, a meditating zone or a dancing zone, a different zone for different moods. Once you’ve demarcated the zones, design and decorate them accordingly.

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