MP Birla Cement Perfect Plus IWP-Waterproof liquid for concrete

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    A specially formulated integral waterproofing liquid , MP Birla Cement Perfect Plus IWP is a Lignosulphonate based dark brown liquid which readily dissolves in water and gets evenly dispersed enhances the water-proofing properties of concrete and cement mortars, making them more cohesive and suitable for critical construction applications. IWP prevents segregation and endows cement mortar/ concrete mixes with improved flow & workability, enabling easier and faster placing.

    Why choose MP Birla Cement Perfect Plus IWP?

    Higher Solid Content

    Higher Solid content in IWP leads reduces the air voids of the concrete/Cement Mortar . It not only imparts a water-proofing quality to the concrete/ mortar, but also enhances its quality by reducing the requirement of water.

    Hassle Free Usage

    IWP offers instant, perfect and easy dispersion throughout the concrete/cement mortar mix. This improves the flow and workability of concrete/ cement mortar for easier and faster placing without any loss of strength. Thereby saving application time and increasing pot life.

    Smoother application

    IWP when mixed with concrete/ cement mortar, makes it denser and more cohesive, Thereby reducing the permeability, bleeding and segregation. This minimizes the problem of honey combing, air pockets and weak patches, and gives a smoother finish to the structure.

    Improved durability

    With increased cohesiveness and higher density, IWP enables greater protection of steel reinforcement from rust and corrosion by reducing the air voids. Thus, increasing the durability of concrete cement structures.