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    The construction techniques that we have used up until now are soon turning aged and outdated. These techniques have served us well throughout the hundred years since it was invented. Its time-tested approaches have built magnificent structures and gotten the construction industry where it is today. But it has been observed that the construction industry is in dire need of reshaping and innovation.

    The world that we live in today is constantly evolving and advancing at an extremely rapid pace. This process leaves more room for optimization and alteration of old methods and removal of the earlier and insufficient techniques. Keeping this in mind, the construction industry too has decided to revamp its techniques so as to improve and fit in with the changing times.

    But what benefits do modern building construction techniques bring into our lives?

    Sustainability – the existing building construction techniques contribute heavily to different types of wastage and excessive usage of energy among other various insufficiencies. Modem construction techniques include features such as energy-saving, reduction of carbon footprint, etc. Therefore, with these updates, one can combat emissions and wastage which in turn will benefit the overall good of the environment.

    Enhanced comfort – modern building construction techniques guarantee that structures retain their natural warm temperatures during winters and cooler temperatures during summer. This is done with the help of proper insulation which is achieved with modern construction techniques. It can greatly impact a person’s lifestyle as well as health.

    Reduced bills – taking the above pointer as an example, we notice that with modern building construction techniques, one does not have to spend heavily on bills. This is because a well-insulated building will not require much energy, therefore lowering the cost of bills. Besides that, these techniques allow for better construction which delays the need for repairs and renovations.

    Let us now take a look at some of the modern building construction techniques that the industry and builders should adopt.

    Flat panel – this flexible construction procedure includes the positioning of horizontal slabs and partitions to form walls, floors and roof panels. The flat panel units are first built in a factory and then transported to the site where it is assembled into a three dimensional structure. This construction technique is particularly useful owing to its simplicity, speed and minimisation of extra labour. It also makes room for slabs to be removed or installed as required in the future.

    Thin joint masonry –this construction technique aims to reduce the depth of sand and cement which is used as an adhesive for bricks. The process includes a masonry wall construction where the depth of conventional 10mm cement is replaced by 3mm cement with the help of a special adhesive mortar. This method is gaining quick popularity due to its effectiveness and enhanced productivity. It can be executed in long walls in a short span of time while also improving air tightness, sound performance and thermal performance.

    Tunnel formwork –the use of this modern technique allows construction workers to build cast walls and slabs in one operation. It simplifies the construction process as it makes room for quick replications and repetitions thereby assuring quality and accuracy of factory production. The speedy tunnel formwork construction technique is used to build accommodations such as hotels, college dorms, prisons, etc.

    3D printed buildings –many companies nowadays have started using 3D printed construction where on-site materials are fabricated into a similar imitation of factory settings. This construction process allows builders to carry out the assembling process in an easier manner. It also makes room for a smarter and faster development of structures where lesser time, effort and labour is involved.

    We hope these new modern building construction techniques challenge builders to rethink how they could optimize their construction process in the smartest way possible. The advancements in every sector require the construction industry to innovate and improve their methods too.

    After all, change is inevitable and progress is a never-ending journey.