MP Birla Cement Chetak -No1 Cement with Reliable OPC for Construction

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    MP Birla Cement Chetak is a prized product of Birla Corporation Limited (BCL), for about five decades. It is produced at Birla cement works - Chanderia, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, an ultra-modern unit of BCL, counted among the top cement companies in India. Available in four variants (PPC, OPC 43, OPC 53 and SRC), MP Birla Chetak comes with the promise of strength and durability. The fly ash used in the product is rich in silica, which reacts with lime to produce a binding gel. This gel, in turn, makes the construction strong and lasting. Chetak is available in Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi (NCR), Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Maharashtra.

    Why Choose MP Birla Cement Chetak?

    More Durable - Longer Lifespan:

    Constructions using MP Birla Cement Chetak are tougher as being resistant to environmental changes. This increases their life span and durability. Also, the construction doesn’t need regular maintenance.


    The unique elements of MP Birla Cement Chetak prevent the steel bars within concrete reinforcements from rusting. Thus, paves the way for an overall strong foundation.

    Minimises Water Seepage:

    MP Birla Cement Chetak is used to construct roofs, basements and water tanks, making the constructions stronger, more durable & water-resistant. The extra fine grains of MP Birla Cement Chetak deter seepage.

    Lesser Thermal Cracks:

    The heat of hydration count is very low in MP Birla Cement Chetak. This prevents cracks in RCC and other constructions. This keeps the construction sturdy and more durable.

    More Fineness:

    MP Birla Cement Chetak has more fineness, super strength, and great adhesive qualities, creating a more flexible and resilient cement mix for construction.

    Setting Time:

    The setting time of MP Birla Chetak Cement is relatively fast. Thus, dream homes can be built at a fast pace.