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    The first BIS certified institutional Ordinary Portland Cement (43 & 53 Grade) brand, high quality cement, specially engineered for infrastructural development. A product of avant-garde technology, Concrecem guarantees strength, durability, and faster construction time. It conforms to IS: 269-2015 (consolidated code for OPC 33, 43 and 53 grades).Concrecem is available in Delhi (NCR), Uttar Pradesh,Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Bihar

    Why Choose MP Birla Cement Concrecem?

    UPSD Technology:

    More building strength. Controlling the particle size is extremely essential to the strength of the cement. CONCRECEM has introduced the Uniform Particle Size Distribution (UPSD) Technology that keeps a constant check on the manufacturing process and produces high strength cement consistently. UPSD ensures that the distance between the particles is minimised while the cement hydration process is on. This feature of CONCRECEM gives it unmatched bonding strength with the other construction materials i.e., sand, aggregates, and steel.

    Faster Construction:

    Now your structures will get built faster Usually, the high quality cement setting-time is the cause of delay in construction activities. CONCRECEM, owing to its chemical composition and uniform particle size, sets quickly & attains 85% of its maximum strength initially which is faster than other cements and gives you even more strength for further construction.

    Robotic Quality Control:

    This high quality cement is manufactured in plants equipped with the latest technology and robotic quality control labs. This ensures that the quality of the cement is consistent not just across different bags but also every grain of the cement.