Use MP Birla Cement Portland Slag Cement for complete strength

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    A product of superior technology and state-of- the-art equipment, MP Birla Cement PSC (Portland Slag Cement) ensures strength, durability, and reduced construction time. It conforms to the guidelines of IS: 455-1989. MP Birla Cement PSC is available in West Bengal

    Why Choose MP Birla Cement PSC?

    Uniform Particle Size Distribution:

    When it comes to increasing the strength of the cement, controlling the particle size is extremely essential. We have introduced Uniform Particle Size Distribution (UPSD) Technology to manufacture MP Birla Cement PSC. It keeps a constant check on the manufacturing process for maintaining superior quality and high strength of the cement. It ensures that the distance between the particles is low during the hydration process of the cement. As a result, while setting, harmful chemicals, CO2, air and water don’t enter the cement easily, giving it more strength.

    Robotic Quality Control:

    This cement is manufactured in robotic quality control labs. This ensures that the quality of the cement remains consistent throughout the manufacturing process. All these quality control measures protect the cement from weathering agents and chemical attacks. As a result, one gets a highly durable concrete structure. This cement is a unique blend of innovation, strength, and durability.

    It reduces construction time:

    Due to the unique chemical composition and fine particles, MP Birla Cement PSC sets faster than any other cement.

    Great Bonding Strength:

    The uniform distribution of particle sizes of cement delivers superior bonding strength with other construction material such as steel, sand, and aggregates.