MP Birla Cement Rakshak- High strength concrete water repellent cement in India

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    MP Birla Cement Rakshak is the most premium and superior water repellent cement to have been launched by MP Birla Cement. Composed of highly reactive clinker and tailor-made hydrophobic grinding aid, MP Birla Cement Rakshak promises a unique combination of improved strength and moisture resistance, right from the foundation to the roof.

    Why choose MP Birla Cement Rakshak?

    Superior water repellent cement

    The composition of highly reactive clinker and tailor made hydrophobic grinding aid makes it moisture resistant and strong.

    Rakshak bag comes with Superior Packaging

    Rakshak bag comes with Superior Packaging that is highly attractive, transportation friendly and it is damp & tamper proof thus increasing the shelf life of the cement.

    Low water demand to achieve workability

    The low cement-water ratio reduces voids and increases the strength and workability of the concrete.

    Lessens the chance of damp and cracks in construction

    Due to the hydrophobic cement, the fine pores are distributed evenly in the concrete making it crack resistant.

    Better finish

    The better setting time and high early strength result in a better finish later on.

    Least permeability

    The high concrete strength and its water repellant feature makes it least permeable.

    Better workability

    Rakshak provides the desired workability with less water usage and gives high early strength.

    Avail Cement Se Ghar Tak expert services during construction

    Get our expert services for end to end advice on your construction with Rakshak.