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Mp Birla Cement Samrat Fly Ash Based Portland Pozzolana Cement

MP Birla Cement Samrat is a fly ash-based Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC), that conforms to IS: 1489 (part 1). The right combination of Portland cement clinker, fly ash, and gypsum makes the product strong, durable, and ideal for all types of construction. What’s more, 70% of the particles found in MP Birla Cement Samrat are below 25 microns in size, ensuring early strength and faster setting time. Samrat is available in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Jharkhand

Why Choose MP Birla Cement Samrat?          ENQUIRE

  • Excellent Finish:

    A cohesive mix ensures leak-proof concrete with a smooth finish.

  • Super-strong:

    The rate of gain of strength is fast. It surpasses the BIS standards by wide margins.

  • Anti-crack:

    Prevents cracks, patches and peels due to low heat-of-hydration.

  • Corrosion resistant:

    Resists corrosion of all kinds including attacks by chemicals like sulphate and chloride.

  • Improved Workability:

    Achieves a cohesive-mix resulting in smooth finish.

  • Pollution Resistant:

    Prevents leaching of lime compounds and formation of solid deposits on the surface of concrete.