MP Birla Cement Chetak SRPC - Defending Against Sulfate Attacks

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    SRPC is a BIS-approved Sulphate Resistant Portland cement. It conforms to the guidelines of IS:12330:1988. SRPC is manufactured with advanced technology and a computerised process, that ensures high-quality construction with superior strength, durability, and faster construction time. We are one of the leading manufacturers of sulphate-resistant cement in the construction industry. SRPC is available in all major states of India (Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana, U.P, Punjab, Delhi & NCR, M.P, Bihar, and West Bengal). SRPC helps in reducing the attacks of sulphate from the environment, soil and water. SRPC is the perfect cement for building foundations where the soil has higher aggression of sulphate. However, the SRPC should be prevented for use where chloride contents are high.

    Why Choose MP Birla Cement SRPC Chetak ?

    Sulphate- Resistant:

    As per IS code 456 – 2000, SRPC is more suitable where the amount of sulphate salts is higher in the soil and water of that area. Thus, the buildings are more durable and shielded from sulphate attack.

    Faster Construction::

    Your constructions will be created more quickly with SRPC. Construction activity delays are commonly caused by the time it takes for cement to set. Due to its chemical composition and consistent particle size, SRPC sets quickly, initially reaching 85% of its maximum strength. This is faster than any other regular cement available in the market and provides even greater strength for succeeding construction.

    Durable and Long-Lasting:

    Structures made of MP Birla Cement Chetak SRPC are more durable and resilient to environmental influences where sulphate content is high. Air pollution does not affect the structure, increasing its lifespan and toughness.

    Fine Finish:

    MP Birla SRPC has a finer finish. This cement has super strength, and excellent adhesive properties, resulting in a more flexible and resistant cement mix for constructing buildings..