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Mp Birla Cement Ultimate Ultra High-Quality Pozzolanic Cement

MP Birla Cement Ultimate Ultra is a tailor-made product from highly reactive clinker and hydrophobic grinding aid that delivers a powerful combination of improved strength and moisture resistance.

Why Choose MP Birla Cement Ultimate Ultra?          ENQUIRE

  • Better setting time with high early strength

    The concrete, made out of MP Birla Ultimate Ultra Cement takes less time to set, facilitating the process of construction. It also possesses high early strength resulting in better hardening.

  • Less water requirement

    This concrete requires less water to achieve the desired workability. Less water helps in reducing void and increasing the strength of concrete.

  • High slump retention

    With its improved slump protection, this concrete is more workable than regular cement.

  • Better shelf life for protection against moisture

    The product packaging is specially designed to be transportation friendly and waterproof so that the product remains lump-free. Due to its chemical composition, it has a longer shelf life.