MP Birla Cement Ultimate Ultra- best quality Pozzolanic Cement

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    MP Birla Cement Ultimate Ultra is a high-quality pozzolanic cement that comes with a guarantee of superior performance. It has achieved the perfect balance between strength and beauty. With its optimally balanced molecular morphology of pozzolanic materials, Ultimate Ultra is a cement of the future and a builder of homes that are both charming and durable. Ultimate Ultra is available in West Bengal and Jharkhand

    Why Choose MP Birla Cement Ultimate Ultra ?

    Power of fly ash:

    MP Birla Cement Ultimate Ultra is characterised by an outstanding fineness of particles. It resists alkali-aggregate reactions and increases the decay-resistance capacity of the construction. The presence of silica (SiO2) helps in converting the free-leached Ca(OH)2 into hydrated Calcium Silicate Gel, thereby increasing the Refractive Index of the cement. The fly ash provides the cement with higher initial strength, as well as a late-in-life fortification. It decreases the ‘Heat of Hydration’ in concrete, and resists post-construction shrinkage cracks.

    Power of Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag:

    The presence of Calcium Oxide (CaO) and Alumina makes the fine particles stick to one another. This process helps to boost the impermeability of concrete, thereby providing better pore refinement. Its optimum ratio of Silica and Alumina makes for perfect cohesiveness, resulting in the formation of dense concrete.

    A perfect blend of fly ash and slag:

    Empowered by state-of-the-art technology and ratified by the IS 16415-2015 guidelines, Ultimate Ultra unites slag and silica in order to increase the workability of concrete and provide better slump retention. The blend makes the cement more Sulphate-resistant and ensures protection against adverse natural conditions