MP Birla Cement Ultimate Pozzolanic Cement - best quality cement

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    MP Birla Cement Ultimate is a premium brand of Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) (IS-1489) that is rich in clinker, fly ash, and gypsum. Twice refined, the product is resistant to corrosion and contains low amounts of alkali. Controlled Particle Size Distribution (CPSD) technology ensures that the grains of cement are neither too coarse nor too fine, thereby guaranteeing durable and leak-proof construction

    Why Choose MP Birla Cement Ultimate?

    Unmatched Strength:

    The enhanced deflocculated ultra-fine particles of cement by using ‘Hyper Active Additive’ results in formation of additional binding materials (C-S-H Gel) which helps to increase the inter-bonding between the particles and as a results ‘DENSE CONCRETE MATRIX’ is formed. The additional C-S-H gel in ULTIMATE reaches up to almost 100% giving a strong concrete matrix with strong transition zone bond thus resulting in strong & durable concrete.

    Low Alkali Cement:

    A low alkali-ion diffusion rate slows down harmful reaction.

    Total Concrete Performance:

    Controlled Particle Size Distribution enables a segregation-free cohesive mix with smoother finish.

    Minimum heat of hydration:

    Low heat of hydration enables structures to avoid shrinkage cracks.

    Improved Workability:

    The inherent property of Pozzolana Portland Cement produces low-pore volume concrete and its higher Blaine value ensures improved workability.


    Diffusion of chloride ions is relatively lower, minimizing the corrosion of steel inside concrete.

    Tamper-Proof packing:

    Superior laminated packing ensures the bags to be tamper-proof while weather-proof packing prevents clogging.


    Tamper-proof packing prevents leakage of cement, keeping the environment pollution-free.