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    A home is a warm and cozy inviting space where we spend time with guests, family and friends. But sometimes, uninvited guests do enjoy making their way in if they get the chance when conditions are favorable. They appear inside our homes in the form of cockroaches, ants, flies, bed bugs, spiders, rodents and termites, etc.

    Pests not only damage physical property, but they also impose serious health problems by spreading diseases. Although it sounds easier to get rid of them once they make an appearance, we must keep in mind that they can cause colossal damage. This is why it is always best to prevent them in the first place so that health issues can be avoided from the start. Along with that, you can also avoid spending your hard-earned money on repairing damages.

    Here are Some Preventative Tips to Keep the Pests Out:

    Cut back on the plants and mulch

    Trimming plants and shrubbery is essential not only for the appearance of your garden but also because it prevents pests from easily reaching your house. Ensure that you trim any branches that touch your home as this acts as a bridge for them. Similar, mulch is the perfect breeding ground and shelter for pests. So instead of using mulch in and around your garden spaces, it is better to use rocks as these elements do not attract pests as such. Remember, lesser pests near your home equals lesser chances of them inside.

    Secure the doors and windows

    Regular inspection of doors and windows is required as pests can make their way into your home through the tiny cracks and gaps. Warped or broken doors and windows that don’t fit well are the spaces that you should keep an eye on and fix as soon as they appear. Other than that, keep in mind that cracks and gaps can occur anywhere. So inspect your house routinely for cracks, gaps and any crevices through which pests can enter. Seal opening with materials such as copper mesh, sheet metal or mortar as many pests can chew through materials such as caulk.

    Maintain a proper garbage disposal system

    It is quite evident that household garbage is waste material that attracts pests such as rodents, ants, cockroaches, etc. Since most of this garbage is disposed outside the house in trash cans, it can draw in pests if not disposed of correctly. Therefore, it is essential to dispose of trash in cans that have tight fitting-lids. Also clean the area where the trash can sits regularly to remove any debris and spills. Littered garbage acts as an ideal environment for pests to create a home – be aware of what you throw away and how you dispose of it.

    Clean and disinfect drains

    Drains outside and inside the house, especially the sink and floor drain accumulate gunk and debris quite often. These sites are ideal breeding grounds for pests, particularly flies and roaches. Hence it is necessary to regularly inspect these drains and clean them accordingly. Drains get clogged frequently, because of which using a foam action cleanser unclogs and flushes out dirt adequately. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar can help clean drains thoroughly.

    Reduce dampness, particularly in inaccessible areas

    Areas with dampness and moisture are the perfect environment for rodents, mosquitoes and termites to thrive in. Termites are extremely problematic because they can cause immense property damage and are also difficult to get rid of. A simple remedy – eliminate non-living wooden sources around areas of dampness and drain away stagnant water.

    These effective tips can go a long way in keeping pest damages away, and in the process ensuring that no harm comes to your property or health. Other basic suggestions are to regularly clean your home by sweeping and mopping it. Doing household chores ensure that spaces in your home are regularly disturbed, making it difficult for pests to breed.

    Also schedule professional inspection from time to time as they know what and where to look for pests. After all, this is a better alternative than paying for extensive damage much later.