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    Why choose MP Birla Cement Perfect Plus RMC?


    Manufactured for all your construction applications, MP Birla Cement Perfect Plus RMC continues the legacy of delivering the best-in-class products that meet the specific requirements of a construction job. Produced in fully computerized automated batching plants with advanced testing, Perfect Plus RMC caters to the construction requirement of residential and commercial projects like high-rise buildings, bridges, roads, airport runways, and metros.


    Fully computed automated batching plant produce products in large batches to ensure production speed, consistent quality, and durability of the concrete. Optimizing the overall production timeline guarantees on-time delivery.

    Cost Efficient

    MP Birla Cement Perfect Plus Concrete is produced as per precise client requirements to cut down wastage. No additional storage requirement at the site saves labour & inventory costs, thereby reducing the total cost of the construction life cycle.

    Quality & Consistency

    Advanced testing laboratory is available at the plant to check the quality of fresh and hardened concrete. State-of-art batching technology ensures consistency of production and quality.


    Optimized usage of raw materials in MP Birla Cement Perfect Plus Concrete helps in the conservation of natural resources, lowering carbon footprint.


    MP Birla Cement Perfect Plus Concrete is customised as per the client’s requirement for all /any grade with verified raw materials as per best-in-class industry standards, tested by experienced and trained staff as per BIS regulation, confirming proper mix ratios.