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MP Birla Cement Perfect Plus SBR is a multi-purpose, liquid bonding agent. Based in modified Styrene Butadiene Latex, it forms a strong bond with old and new concrete ensuring effective repairing of concrete as well as waterproofing. Apart from that, it increases the longevity of surfaces by reducing the chances of cracking.

  • Increased workability

    Perfect Plus SBR Latex is a multi-purpose, economical and easy-to-use product that increases workability for the same W/C.

  • Corrosion & abrasion resistant

    The air entraining properties of Perfect Plus SBR Latex result in reduced bleeding leading to abrasion and corrosion resistance.

  • Waterproofing ability

    Due to its chemical structure, it provides better hydration and ensures efficient water retention by blocking water in the mixture.

  • High bonding strength

    It increases adhesion of aggregates to cement paste due to strong bonding power of the polymer matrix, which enhances adhesion of cement mixes to smooth substrates, dense concrete, steel etc.