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    The Best Cement For Home Construction In North India

    A home definitely stands at the top of the list of dreams that almost every person has. Being a once in a lifetime opportunity for many, it leaves no room for error and mistakes. That’s why choosing the best cement for the construction of a home in NorthIndia is important.

    But the task is not as simple as it appears,especially when it’s about the northern regions.

    This is due to the presence of extreme climatic conditions in the northern parts. Summers are filled with extreme heat that can jump up to 49 degrees. Similarly, winters are harsh where the temperature falls as low as 0 degrees.

    Hence, you will require cement that can suffice and work according to these circumstances. Something durable and tough that is resistant to environmental changes. This is precisely what you can expect with MP Birla Cement Chetak – India’s best quality cement that is known for its strength to withstand allkinds of weather conditions.

    But before getting into that, there are a few things you must first know.

    There are primarily 2 types of cement used for constructing houses in North India:

    OPC: Ordinary Portland Cement

    PPC: Portland Pozzolana Cement

    There is a variation when it comes to the composition that constitutes each type. OPC is the most basic form of cement with a mixture of limestone and several raw materials. In PPC, about 15 – 35% of OPC is replaced with another material called Fly Ash.

    PPC and OPC are mainly used in North India.

    How to Know Which Type of Cement Works For You

    You’ll find that construction can be broken down into two major parts:

    Structural work: RCC and masonry work

    Finishing: Plaster and after other finishing works

    Structural work in turn has two more divisions – load-bearing structures made by masonry and RCC frame structures like columns, beams & slabs made by concrete.

    The major criterion for RCC-related work is strength and durability. Hence, OPC can guarantee a high early strength but durability can be compromised in the process. PPC cement guarantees both strength and durability – making it the best option to consider.

    Many focus on the type of cement and the applications that each type of cement provides. However, just choosing the right cement for the job is not the solution. Choosing reputed cement manufacturers in India is equally important in order to ensure the best results.

    And yes, you can expect superb quality cement and value for money with established brands such as MP Birla Cement. This is due to its good selection of raw materials as well as its advanced technology involved while producing the cement. And even better, it offers a few key brands under its banner that are sure to exceed your expectations.

    For building a home in Northern India, there’s one name that deserves your attention.

    Why Choose MP Birla Cement Chetak For Your New Home

    If there’s one name that you count on for strength, it’s definitely MP Birla Cement Chetak. It has been popular for more than 5 decades and stands as one of the most prized products by Birla Corporation Limited. This is available in 4 variants:

    • ➔PPC
    • ➔OPC 43G
    • ➔OPC 53G
    • ➔SRPC

    What makes this the best cement for construction in North Indiais its impressive durability. Constructions using MP Birla Cement Chetak (PPC) are known to be tougher and longer in lifespan. Moreover, it also prevents steel bars from rusting within concrete reinforcements. Based on features such as these, this cement is largely used in the construction of roofs, basements and water tanks.

    Here are the main highlights of MP Birla Cement Chetak (PPC) concrete:

    • ➔Resistant to environmental changes
    • ➔Possesses anti-rust properties
    • ➔Minimizes porosity of concrete
    • ➔Lesser to no cracks due to low heat of hydration
    • ➔Displays superb adhesive qualities

    Without a doubt, nothing compares to watching your new home take shape – as if watching dreams turn into reality right before you. Even as the construction process involves a series of stages, your choice of cement will play an important role during each one. So avoid the hassles and do it right with MP Birla Cement – one of the top cement manufacturers in India!

    Not only will your choice of cement help to ensure a solid foundation, but will also determine the lifespan and durability of your home. Owing to North India’s extensive temperature fluctuations and terrain, MP Birla Chetak is perhaps the best choice of cement for construction in North India! So settle for nothing but the best when it comes to your dream home.