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5 Home Building Trends to Look for in 2018

The year of 2017 has witnessed some amazing advancements in the building industry, which paved way for many new trends to emerge. From the introduction of new construction materials to atypical floor plans and quirky new-age interior designs, there is so much to explore. 2018 will not be any different. As more and more people are scouting through the market and looking at past trends, it’s quite evident that architects and builders will be under immense pressure to design real estate structures that are grand and unique. Here, we’ve compiled a list of five latest home design trends which will surely be the highlights of 2018.

More Open Space

While in 2017, people were looking for unique ideas to transform their small houses into useful spaces. In 2018, the trend will change. People are likely to invest in houses with more open space. This is because open spaces allow homeowners to get creative, explore their imagination and transform their space into beautiful settings. This also means that new houses are expected to have smaller hallways, larger rooms and spacious balconies or backyards.

Kitchens as Social Hubs

Gone are the days when kitchens were only using for cooking food. Building construction trends of 2018 suggest that kitchens will transform into real social hubs. This means that family members will now be able to hang out together, entertain guests, serve hot food and eliminate the need for having a separate hall for hosting get-togethers. Their kitchen areas will be spacious enough for socializing.

Sunrooms are Trending Again

Sunrooms were quite famous in the 90s. Traditionally, these were built to serve as escape rooms for individuals who longed for some time alone, bask in the sun, read a book or socialize. However, with the increasing population, decreasing plot sizes and the development of high-rise buildings, having sunrooms became difficult. But the trend is hitting back again. More and more people are showing their interest in having dedicated sunrooms or greenhouses to be a part of their houses.

  • Smart stuff

    The trend of smart products has been around for many years now. Architects and builders suggest that home automation is emerging as one of the fastest growing trends in 2018. From tech-driven appliances which can be remotely operated by dedicated mobile apps to automatic doors with sensor features, all these will become an integral part of upcoming residential as well as commercial projects in 2018.

  • Energy Efficient Materials and Structures

    The use of latest technology and green building materials are helping builders construct eco-friendly structures. More than being a trend, ithis is becoming the need of the hour to cut down environmental pollution and promote sustainable development. More and more cement manufacturers like MP Birla are introducing eco-friendly cement materials which are reusable and promise strong, robust structures.

So, if you are planning to purchase or build a new house consider these top trends of 2018!