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Vaastu for a Modern Home
Basic Principles of Vaastu for a Modern Home

Home is where your heart dwells. Each one of us desires a spacious, cozy, airy living space called home. Vaastu entails with proper construction of a house as per certain Vedic guidelines. Vaastu Shastra is widely followed in India by architects while designing a construction plan. It also deals with deciding the spatial arrangement and layout of furniture and rooms. Using Vaastu principles will enhance the positive energy in your home to usher in prosperity, good luck, and peace.

Vaastu deals with the position, layout, direction, color of each room. Let’s have a look at the basic principles of Vaastu:

  • The four major directions as per Vaastu Shastra are Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. These elements accentuate the Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast respectively.

    While buying a plot, go for south-west, south and west directions. These directions are considered more favorable than others.

  • Surrounding your house with trees like Pomegranate, Sandalwood, Rose, Indian Jasmine is considered auspicious.

    The entrance should ideally be in the east, as the sun rises in the east. If your front door is not in the east, correct it by creating a big window in that direction.

  • Place your bed in the southwest corner as it is known to be an auspicious corner. A bed should never be put in the north direction. When it comes to choosing colors for the bedroom, try to incorporate more brown, green and purple.

  • Northern corner of the house is best for placing water elements like washrooms, pools, ponds, or a water purifier.

  • Add a splash of green with indoor plants like peace lilies, money plant or bamboos to make your living area look alive.

  • The location of your kitchen should ideally be in the southeast corner and preferably not in the front of the main entrance.

  • To keep the living room bright and airy, avoid blocking the doors or windows of the living room with furniture like chair, table or sofa.

    Overhead beams may cause depression, arguments, and disharmony in people living in the house. Avoid it as much as you can while constructing your house.

  • Colors of your home can greatly affect your mood. Vaastu specialists recommend blues, yellows, greens, and whites to create a positive energy flow in the house.

    Square or rectangular shaped wooden furniture will bring peace and order to your house.

  • Don’t want to block the flow of wealth into your home? Keep the windows and doors spick and span.

    Entrance doors should open at 90 degrees as per Vaastu so that positive energy can enter your house effortlessly and generously. Avoid placing any objects or obstructions behind the door.

  • The best room shape that ensures harmony and balance, is a square shape or rectangular shape. Irregularly shaped rooms can bring in worries and difficult times. For example, octagonal rooms can affect your finance.

    Paintings and any other graven images add more than an aesthetic touch to your home. Pictures with even a hint of negativity can cause negative influences.

These Vaastu principals are just an introductory guide into the science of architecture. Plan your home with these guidelines to transform your home into a sanctuary of peace, harmony, love, and prosperity.