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Vastu And Good Health
Vaastu and Good Health

An ancient Indian science, vaastu is known to balance out positive and negative energies in and around a person. According to vaastu shastra, different gods govern different directions of a house. The sections in a house are built as per these directions. For example, the southeast corner of the house is the most suitable for kitchens as it’s supervised by Agni or the fire element. The basic principle of vaastu teaches to utilise the endless energy of the sun in the best possible way.

Vastu Tips To Bring Health And Wealth In Home


The importance of vaastu

Human beings spend most of their time inside their homes, offices, etc. Every building for that matter, every property, has an energy of its own. Even the land on which the building is standing, thrives on vibrations of energy. Every person is emotionally attached to their home and it is imperative that the person shares a harmonious vibration with the home and vice versa. The harmonious vibrations attract positive energy and eliminate negative energy so that the residents of the house can progress and prosper in every aspect.

A vaastu non-compliant home may bring a few adversities in the lives of its residents, like

Social Losses: loss of respect in society, legal matters and other possible ways

Monetary Troubles: financial losses, nonpayment of credit and eventually bankruptcy

Medical Troubles: Extreme sickness, fatal diseases and even untimely demise

The ancient science behind vaastu enables people to prevent mental agony and various health problems. Back in the day, Indian scholars found out that a few corrective measures can prevent or eliminate the chances of various illnesses. Following are a few tips on vaastu, following which will guarantee a better quality of health-

  • While sleeping, one should face the south or east side and avoid facing the north for a good night’s sleep for a healthy life.


  • Working, studying or dealing with clients is best done facing the east or north side.


  • During cooking, eating or drinking, it’s best to face south or south-west for better taste, digestion & a healthy body.


  • Cooking with one’s back towards a door may lead to backache, pain in the legs, shoulders, and fatigue in general.


  • Avoid planting cactus, rubber plants, milky plants and Bonsai in the house as they might contribute to stress and illness. Instead, plant Tulsi (Basil) shrubs inside to purify the air.


  • Refrain from building stairs, toilets in north-east corner of the house which may lead to health problems.


  • Headache, memory problems, and depression can happen due to sitting, working, or sleeping under a beam.


  • To prevent heart & brain diseases, wooden beds without storage space should be used.


  • Damp spaces or smells of dampness should be avoided, as they can generate negative energy.


  • Disorders related to heart and the nervous system can be prevented by not using the space below the staircase for bathroom, toilet, and pantry, even for closed storage of food grains and eatables.