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Vastu Compliant Colours For Home And Office
Vastu Compliant Colours For Home And Office

There can never be enough emphasis laid on the colours that play out in or on a physical establishment. For example, how often to do you see a black house in an independent residential area, or even a housing complex, for that matter?

Close to never, especially if the builder or establishment owner is a devout Vastu believer. Vastu is the philosophy facilitating the turning of a house into a thriving, positive home, and colours have a significant part to play in the transition. According to the philosophy, black is the colour of mourning and despair, and should be used sparingly, especially on the exterior of a home. Here’s a list of the colours that should be used based on the direction of an establishment

  • North – greens, especially the likes of pistachio green

  • North-east – from the light blue palette

  • North-west – white, light grey and cream

  • South – Reds and yellows and combinations of the two

  • South-east – orange, pink and silver

  • South-west – Peach, mud brown, wheatish or light brown

  • East – white or light blue

  • West – hues of blue or white

Home owners are often advised to use warm colours, like reds and oranges, with care. The colours may not work well with certain personality types and may induce aggression as they are colours of passion.

The use of white is recommended in all establishments, especially on ceilings as it reflects light and creates a peaceful environment.

With the right combination of colours, any establishment can be turned into a hospitable and prosperous environment. Keep visiting us for more tips on Vastu for your home and office.