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    Cement is the binding material that bonds other materials together to build a home of strength and durability. For first-time buyers, it is difficult to choose the best cement for construction because of the many options available. Building your own home is a huge investment. Therefore choose cement wisely as you invest your valuable money. MP Birla Cementis one of the popular choices among many builders, engineers, and architects. So, choose the best cement for construction for building your dream home.

    Types of Cement by MP Birla Cement, no 1 cement in India –

    Portland Slag Cement –

    Portland Slag Cement is produced by grinding granulated slag, portland cement clinker, and gypsum. PSC is an eco-friendly cement that has good compatibility with other admixtures. PSC has better resistance to alkali-silica reaction, sulphate resisting properties, and low heat of hydration. Therefore, builders in mass construction prefer this cement. Regarding durability, Portland Slag Cement is a popular option for builders.

    Portland Pozzolana Cement –

    Portland Pozzolana cement is a type of blended cement. It is an eco-friendly cement that has better compatibility with other admixtures. It has a low heat of hydration, having better resistance to alkali-silica reaction. Therefore, Portland Pozzolana cement finds its application in infrastructure projects.

    Ordinary Portland Cement –

    OPC is a mixture of grinding calcium carbonate, silica, iron, and alumina. It finds its application in general construction.

    Quality plays an important role –

    When choosing a cement, the first preferred thing is the quality. MP Birla cement offers the best-quality cement in India, ensuring the durability of your home. It has gained fame in terms of quality over the years. No one wants their dream home to break down into pieces. So, choose cement smartly to build your foundations.

    Certifications build trust –

    MP Birla Cement is the no1 cement in India and a recognized brand all over the world. It has received many renowned certificates over the years. The certifications do add tons of trust among the builders.

    • British Safety Award
    • Integrated Management System Certification
    • Greentech Gold Award
    • ISO 1800: 2007 Certification
    • DCW is 5-S Certified
    • IMS Certifications (ISO:1400: 2015 , ISO:9001: 2015 & BS OHSAS 18000:2008)
    • International Safety Award 2016
    • Awards & Recognition for Mineral Conservation 2016-17

    Fast setting and better finish –

    It has a faster setting time as compared to other cement that ensures leak-proof concrete with a fine finish.

    Anti-corrosion properties –

    It has a high level of cementitious gel which helps reduce pores. It protects the steel from getting exposed to moisture. Therefore, it protects your steel from corrosion.

    Packaging is important –

    The cement is packaged in such a way that it is moisture-proof and tamper-resistant. Great packaging ensures that the cement does not get damaged. Therefore, it increases the storage time.

    Durability –

    MP Birla Cement offers long-lasting durability that can withstand environmental changes. Thus, it increases the lifespan of the construction ensuring a strong and lasting home.

    MP Birla Chetak cement is one of the top cements in India offered by MP Birla Cement. Chetak cement is available in different parts of India like Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi (NCR), Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra. Therefore, choose MP Birla Cement Chetak as one of the best cements for construction.

    Therefore, select MP Birla Cement for building your dream home as it ensures a durable and stronger home for your family. Visit the website to learn more.