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If you think your home decor options are limited because you have a small apartment, think again. Rather than getting upset over the available floor space, you can utilize the numerous blank canvases around you- the walls.

Empty walls are full of possibilities. Revamping your wall can make your small space look cozy and stylish. If decorated right, it’s a reflection of your taste and personality. Let’s find out what you can do with blank walls at home.

Concrete tiles

Lend your space a one-of-a-kind look with bespoke concrete tiles. They can be cut easily like any stone or marble, and tiles are easily available in customized sizes that will help to cover a wall using whole units.

  • Mounted bookshelves
    Love books but struggling to store your entire collection on one tiny bookshelf? Think about ways you can re-purpose an empty wall as a bookshelf. With the help of screws and hinges, fix wooden racks in a square or honeycomb share on the wall and give it a fresh coat of paint. Voila! Your built-in bookshelf is ready.

  • Stone wall
    Stone is the only material which can be used for interiors as well as exteriors. Its durability is unquestionable. All the ancient structures around the world were created using stone that has lasted centuries. Natural stone walls can be the perfect fit in any room- kitchen, living room, toilets. Stone doesn’t require refurbishing or polishing so it is easy to maintain.

Now that you have all these ideas, do try to implement them in your home. You will be amazed to see how a stark wall with concrete and paint can become one of the talking points of your home decor.