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MP Birla Cement Perfect Plus

MP Birla Cement Perfect Plus

PERFECT PLUS is a premium quality specially engineered PPC Cement from the house of MP Birla Cement for specific applications of Foundation, Pillar & Roofing works. The product technology has multiple advantages in improving performance & life of the concrete. The highest quality standards have unique characteristics to make high performance superior grade concrete.


DENSE CONCRETE MATRIX The enhanced deflocculated ultra-fine particles of cement by use of ‘Hyper Active Additive’ results in formation of additional binding materials (C-S-H Gel) which helps to increase the inter bonding between particles and a ‘DENSE CONCRETE MATRIX’ is formed. The additional C-S-H Gel in PERFECT PLUS reaches up to almost 100% giving a strong concrete matrix with strong transition zone bond. Resulting in strong & durable concrete.
HIGH EARLY STRENGTH The hardening rate of concrete made with PERFECT PLUS is high. This helps to remove the formwork earlier & ensures the speedier progress of construction activity. This also reduces the cost of construction substantially.
OPTIMUM WATER DEMAND The concrete produced by PERFECT PLUS requires optimum water for mixing & workability. The optimization of water in fresh concrete reduces voids & it attributes to increase in strength of the concrete. With PERFECT PLUS CEMENT & having optimum quality of concrete ingredients we can have excellent optimized water demand.
REDUCED PERMEABILITY OF CONCRETE Durability of concrete is directly related to its permeability. The concrete made with PERFECT PLUS cement reduces permeability, automatically resists to any aggressive water & chemical to get inside the concrete and do the damage. This ultimately increases the durability and life of the concrete structure. When we have produced 100% C-S-H Gel in concrete by hydration the permeability also reduces drastically around 1000 times than partial C_S_H Gel formed concrete.
PROTECTION OF STEEL AGAINST CHLORIDE DAMAGE Corrosion of reinforcing steel is the most significant and costly cause of concrete deterioration. PERFECT PLUS can be used in applications where the concrete is exposed to chlorides.
The reduced permeability of concrete will result for extended life of the structure by around 300%.
ON-SITE SERVICES Dedicated Customer Services by Expert Civil Engineers well equipped with ‘ Concrete Testing Van’ to practically demonstrate product quality and also provide the tailor made solutions to have your homes built perfectly strong & durable.