Pro Construction Tips with MP Birla Cement

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    Here’s the guide from experts of MP Birla Cement on the proper technique of shuttering that will help you make a sturdy home. Sometimes simple mistakes in shuttering can incur huge expenses in finishing. Find out the role of optimum quality products in shuttering to ensure the best possible support for the concrete used in the roof and beams of your home.

    Reinforcement improves the tensile load capacity of concrete. Tensile strength and flexibility are two necessary criteria for shuttering which is ensured with a good quality TMT bar. Maintain gaps to avoid corrosion and prevent fire and environmental effects. Find out some more important tips for reinforcement from MP Birla.

    Brick has a crucial role to play in the construction of homes. The technique of brick working depends mainly on the quality of the brick, mortar and construction process. Before layering, inspect the size and quality of the bricks through a field test. Find out some easy tips to check the brick quality and learn about the proper techniques of brick placement.

    For hydrating the cement, it is important to maintain the right temperature and humidity. This process is called curing, and it helps in preventing shrinkage cracks caused due to environmental changes. Keeping the right temperature will reduce the stress and void in concrete, strengthening the product for better support. Check out for more expert curing tips from MP Birla.

    For protecting the mortar from humidity, a thick layer of concrete is used that is plastering. With a smooth finish, it also prevents heat absorption and is fire resistant. Plastering and curing are interdependent. Find out the most important things that you must maintain to have good plastering for your home.

    Learn from experts how the flooring is done for your homes. You will get to know all the features of well-done flooring, its process, and its parts. Keep these pointers in mind to get the right flooring for your home.

    While selecting the doors and windows for your home may seem a simple task, there's some science and logic behind it. Watch the video and find out what should go behind the placement of these!

    Electric wiring of your home needs to be done perfectly in order to avoid any troubles in the future. Check out this Construction Ke Perfect Tips and learn the right way to get this done!