MP Birla Cement Perfect Plus Wall Putty - Achieve a Flawless Wall Finish

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    Equipped with German polymers, MP Birla Cement Perfect Plus Wall Putty is a water-repellent putty which is used before painting to provide the walls a strong base. Available in white powdered form, it can be used externally or internally on concrete, brick or AAC Block walls for a smooth surface.

    First of its kind

    For the first time, this water repellent putty contains German engineered re-dispersible polymers along with additives that minimize water absorption and save painting expenses

    Water repellency

    The additives present in the putty increase its water repellency and reduce efflorescence and other moisture-related problems

    Flexible usage

    No water curing or primer is required before application. It can be applied on moist surfaces too. The putty goes well with most of the paints.

    Smoother finish

    The putty makes the surface white and glossy which in turn increases the paint coverage and provides a better colour tone