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    Livelihood & Women Empowerment

    Changing Lives

    Under this theme, various projects on social uplift of weaker sections, like farm and non-farm based activities and vocational training programmes are being implemented in the neighbourhood villages of our different plants. These projects have enabled a qualitative change in the life of weaker sections and women. More than 7,191 beneficiaries are benefitted in villages of Satna, Maihar, Chittorgarh, Durgapur and Sial Ghoghri.

    Better Cotton Initiatives Programme

    Better cotton initiatives programme are being organised for farmers in the nearby villages of our Mukutban plant. More than 4,000 farmers from different villages are benefitted.

    Sustainable Agriculture Practices

    Our sustainable agriculture programme attempts to de-risk farmers from erratic weather events through the promotion of climate-smart agriculture practices with the dissemination of relevant package, adoption of appropriate mechanisation and provision of institutional services.

    Sustainable agriculture practices like soil test, seed selection, treatment, application of mechanised farming, farm yard manure, capacity building programmes and exposure visits are practised in the farmer’s field to enhance the income of farmers.

    Exposure visits to the Government KVK (Krishi Vigyan Kendra) and model farm are organized. Experts from different institutes are invited in the training programmes.

    More than 5,696 farmers from villages of Satna, Maihar & Chittorgarh have benefitted from this intervention.

    Animal Husbandry Programme

    Our livestock development Animal Husbandry Programme provides an opportunity to farmers to improve their livestock-based livelihood by improving productivity of the progeny through breed improvement and dissemination of improved animal husbandry practices. Better animal husbandry practices like breed development, vaccination, green fodder cultivation, training programmes and exposure visit, animal health camps are organized in the farmer’s field to enhance the income of farmers.

    A total of 5,803 farmers from Satna, Maihar & Chittorgarh have benefitted from this programme

    Kitchen Garden

    Kitchen gardens are developed in the farmer’s field to supply fresh and nutritional food to farmers and their families.

    Soil selection, soil treatment, seed distribution, capacity building and application of farm yard manure (FYM) expertise are provided to farmers.

    A total of 315 kitchen garden plots have been developed in villages of Satna and Chittorgarh.

    Vocational Training & Micro Enterprise Development

    Under the Skill Development Programme, different types of training for tailoring & embroidery, vocations of beautician, mason, para-vet, driving, BPO, nursery raising, Honey bee rearing, housekeeping and Sanitation products

    After completion of their training, students start their own enterprise, work in different shops and start supporting the family.

    A total of 239 persons from villages in Maihar, Satna & Chanderia have benefitted from this vocational training programme.

    The SHG (Self-Help Group) development programme is running in villages of Chittorgarh, Durgapur, Kundanganj & Sial Ghoghri

    Rural Infrastructure Development

    Strengthening of Community Infrastructure

    Community hall and school building renovations, and construction of burning ghats are undertaken in villages near our Kundanganj, Chanderia and Durgapur plants.

    More than 2,000 villagers in six villages have benefitted from these activities.

    Social Forestry & Plantation

    Mass plantation was carried out in the community land, schools and hospitals. Public gardens, circle points and hospital gardens near our plants were beautified.

    More than 3,200 plantations were made at our Chanderia and Sial Ghoghri locations.

    Strengthening of Community Water Supply Infrastructure

    Constructed drinking water tanks with good drainage system and provided soak pit facilities in villages.

    Increasing the carrying capacity of the water bodies by deepening water bodies, installed submersible water pumps in community bore wells for easy pumping of water in villages of Satna, Maihar and Kundanganj.

    Our Kundanganj plant has created mass awareness on water literacy through employee volunteering programmes in nearby villages. Shri Rajendra Singh, Waterman of India, attended one awareness programme.

    More than 28,000 villagers in 17 villages around our plants benefitted from these activities.

    Rain Water Harvesting Pond at Durgapur, West Bengal

    Durgapur Cement Works: has a well-built infrastructure for rain water harvesting. The harvested water is used for various purposes, including plantation & groundwater recharge.

    Watershed activities

    (to sustain & recycle natural water resources) are carried out in the neighbourhood villages of our Satna, Chanderia & Durgapur units. These help villagers irrigate farm land & recharge ground water.

    Rural Electrification

    Our Kundanganj, Maihar and Chanderia units have set up electric transformers and community street lights in different villages.

    Five villages of MP, UP & Rajasthan have benefitted from this activity.