MP Birla Cement Unique Plus - Sustainable Portland Slag Cement

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    MP Birla Cement Unique Plus is a new-age premium brand of Portland Slag Cement (conforming to IS 455:2015) that is highly rich in reactive silica. The grains of the cement are so fine that they spread over large surface areas, making them more reactive with enhanced performance. The product is packaged in moisture-proof and tamper-proof Laminated Polypropylene (LPP) bags to ensure freshness and a longer shelf life. The Pozzolanic material (slag) found in the cement is dried and passed through a roller press before the manufacturing process begins. The treated slag is then mixed with OPC to produce MP Birla Cement Unique. Its denser secondary gel formation block the capillary pores in concrete and protects the structure from dampness and steel from corrosion. Whether for foundations, structures or roofs, you can always rely on Controlled Particle Size Distribution technology to do a unique job. Produced at Durgapur Cement Works, it is amongst one of the renowned brands in Eastern India. Unique Plus is available in West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand

    Why Choose MP Birla Cement Unique Plus?

    Higher fineness for improved workability

    Low heat of hydration resulting in reduction of cracking

    Segregation-free cohesive mix for excellent finish.

    Lower chloride content to minimise corrosion in steel.

    Resistance to alkali-aggregate reaction.

    Higher long-term strength

    Improved resistance to sulphate attack.

    Pilferage & tamper – proof packing

    Whitish shade because of superior slag use.