Best Cement for Dampness - Waterproof Solution for Construction

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    When it comes to preventing dampness and securing and safety your home, choosing the best cement is crucial. Best cement for these purposes is “Water proof Cement” or “Water Repellent Cement.” popular brands and types of waterproof cement that can help in securen from dampness and enhancing the durability of your home:

    Monsoon is a very pleasing season of the year. You can just enjoy the rain with a cup of coffee and pakoras. But it also comes with dampness which damages your house.

    Constructing a home also comes with its maintenance. This problem is common in India and can make your dream home weak from the inside.

    Due to extreme climatic conditions in monsoons like heavy rain, there is dampness on walls and floors. The moisture leaks from the exterior walls to the interior walls, which can be a threat to the strength of your home. Leakage, cracks, moulds, and fungus on the surface of the house are a nightmare for every homeowner. It causes diseases inside the house, harmful to you and your family members. Let us discuss the different types of dampness in detail:

    Types of Dampness–

    Penetrating Dampness-

    Penetrating dampness is a constant leakage from the walls and ceilings of a house. It should be checked regularly.

    Rising Dampness-

    Rising dampness occurs when the water rises from the porous building materials like brick masonry, and joints. Therefore, it should be taken care of.

    Condensation Dampness-

    Condensation dampness occurs because of daily actions like bathing, washing, cooking, etc, contributing to a humid environment inside the house. It also comes with an unpleasant smell which is not pleasing.

    A common reason for this situation is poor quality construction. It is important to take waterproofing measures while constructing your home.

    Here are some of the things to look after –

    • ➔Always keep a check on the parts of the home that could easily catch dampness. Check for patches on the walls, ceiling, and roofs that have caught dampness. There can be the growth of moulds, mites, bacteria, and moss on walls and ceilings. It can hamper your health, living in an unhealthy environment. If there are any moulds and fungus in the house, try to take immediate action as it can cause respiratory problems.
    • ➔Plumbing issues can create a hazardous situation for your home. It can damage your properties built with utmost love and affection. Grout filling is necessary to join titles together. But over a certain period of time, the grout becomes old. Therefore, it is essential to regrout the floors. Waterproof chemicals are also in concrete, plaster, and paint applications.

    ➔Having proper ventilation is very important because it is a major cause that your home can have damp walls, floors, and roofs. Have a proper look at the ventilation system regularly to get rid of such situations.

    ➔Wall putty is used to make walls strong and for the smooth application of the paint. The wall putty by MP Birla Cement, a cement manufacturer in India, is a water repellant putty that contains German-engineered re-dispersible polymers along with additives that minimises water absorption. It reduces efflorescence and other moisture-related problems.

    ➔Go for waterproof paints that give an extra level of protection to the walls. The waterproof coating acts as a barrier protecting the walls from rainwater and moisture.

    Choose a cement very wisely–

    MP Birla Cement is the best cement in India, delivering top-quality cement all over India. MP Birla Cement Rakshak is super premium water repellent cement by MP Birla Cement, a cement manufacturer in India. MP Birla Cement Rakshak comes with super strength, a better finish, and BOPP packaging along with moisture-resistance properties. The BOPP packaging of this cement is damp and tamper proof which ensures a longer lifespan of the cement. The cracked walls and leakage is the most painful moment for homebuyers. Therefore, choose cement from a trusted brand like MP Birla Cement, as building a strong home for your loved ones is the ultimate goal of constructing a house.