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    In many cases, you must have come across small damage in your home interiors. But you must have realized that even though repairs are needed, it’s too minor to call a handyman. Of course, calling a handyman in such situations will obviously fix the damage. The downside is that it requires unnecessary amounts of money and time.

    Now you’re probably left wondering about how these troubles will get fixed.

    We’re here to tell you that you can easily fix some of these problems yourself. These problems may seem out of your league but the truth is that a few DIY hacks can easily save the situation. It also helps you save the resources that you would have wasted on receiving technical assistance. Here are some common minor house problems that can easily be fixed via DIY solutions:

    Running toilet

    The main culprit for which your toilet needs a repair is because of a leaky rubber flapper. This component allows water to flow directly from the tank to the bowl each time you flush. But of course with wear and tear it can loosen, allowing the water to seep out every time you use the flush. The fix for this damage is quite easy and inexpensive. To be sure of this damage, drop some food coloring into the tank and use the flush. If you notice that the coloured water seeps outside of the bowl too, then you simply have to replace it with a new flapper.

    Filling in pictures holes

    No one quite enjoys the sight of picture holes on a perfectly good wall. Although you do not have to worry much about picture holes as they can be easily removed. Fill the picture holes with wall putty with the help of a putty knife. Once it’s dry take a sanding sponge and smooths the spot to help it look even. Apply a coat of paint over this and your wall will look as good as new!

    Sticky locks

    Over time, a lock can get sticky due to rusting or internal damage. You might assume that it needs replacing but this minor damage can be fixed quite easily. Using a lubricant can fix this temporarily as it attracts more dirt and can make the problem worse. Therefore instead of a lubricant, it’s best to use graphite from a pencil. Simply rub the edges of your key with the pencil ensuring that it gets well coated with graphite. Next, insert the key in the lock and turn it around to lubricate it well. Repeat this process if required until the lock opens smoothly.

    Squeaky door hinges

    Have you ever heard the doors in your house make squeaky sounds like that of a horror movie? This occurs because your doors are old and the hinges get rusted or loose. It can easily be fixed with a rust remover liquid applied to the hinges. Or you can even rub petroleum jelly after which you should move the door back and forth to ensure the lubrication works its way deep into the hinges.

    Leaky faucets

    Water leakage from a faucet is not only annoying but also causes high levels of water wastage. But luckily, this minor problem can be fixed easily once you identify the type of faucet and get the required tools. In most cases, it is fixed once the loose bolt is tightened or the deteriorated adhesive is replaced.

    Damaged screens

    A torn window screen can be quite bothersome as it allows dust to seep into the house and also allows insects to find their way into your home. If the tear is tiny, bond the screen together with a few layers of clear nail polish. For larger rips and tears, secure the window screen with repair tape or a repair patch. If you feel that the mesh is beyond repair, replace the existing screen only instead of the frame too with the help of a hardware kit.

    Remember that although these damages may seem large, a few hacks and DIYs can easily save the day!