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    Vastu-compliant construction tips for your home entrance

    The entrance door of your house is the main source of positive energy that enters your home. In Vastu Shastra, it is believed that the main door of a house is of utmost importance as it lets in or keeps out negative energy flow that in turn promotes health, wealth or harmony.

    Favourable directions for the main door

    The north, north-east, west, east directions are considered auspicious for constructing the entrance door for your house. Avoid the south or south-west directions.

    Things to remember:


    Wood is the most popular material when it comes to doors. The main door of your house should be sturdy, durable and stylish. Wood, as a material of choice ticks all these boxes. Just keep in mind to get good quality wood so that there are no visible cracks or scratches.

    Stepping in:

    If there are steps leading to your main door, make sure they are odd numbered. A threshold just outside the main entrance is advisable as it prevents negative energy to cross the door and enter the house.

    Size matters:

    The main door should be the biggest door of your home. So, you can build it in two parts instead of one. Make sure it always opens clockwise at a 90-degree angle without any obstacle.


    To maintain a positive energy flow, avoid constructing the main gate and the entrance door along the same line. It’s considered inauspicious according to Vastu norms and inconvenient for guests. Also, ensure that there is no shadow on the main door, especially of a building or a tree.

    Front view:

    The entrance door of your house should not directly face the door of the opposite house. In case both doors are open, it can become awkward for the residents. Same goes for an unoccupied building.

    Underground woes:

    Do not have an underground tank or septic tank under the main door. It will be inconvenient for the residents to open the door when it is getting cleaned or repaired.

    In addition to the above points, always remember to take good care of the entrance door. Wipe off the dust and oil the hinges regularly so that the door doesn’t make a creaking sound when you open it. If space permits, jazz up the entrance with plants and bright lights. But never place a mirror opposite the main door as it will reflect the energy back and send it outside. Happy decorating!