MP Birla Cement Ultimate Ultra launched in Maihar - Plants

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    M P Birla Cement Ultimate Ultra launched in Maihar

    Birla Corporation Limited, flagship Company of the MP Birla Group, today launched from its Maihar Integrated Cement Unit its newest premium offering, MP Birla Cement Ultimate Ultra: The Power of 2. Shri Uttam Kumar Roy, Unit Head, Maihar Integrated Cement Unit, flagged off the maiden consignment for delivery to channel partners. Shri Darpan Mishra, Vice-President, Shri Rupak Roy, General Manager, Shri Nitesh Pandey, Zonal Head, Sales, and other senior functionaries were present.

    Shri Roy said: “We have a leading national brand, Perfect Plus, and regional legacy brands, Samrat and Chetak. With the launch of Ultimate Ultra Cement we will be able to offer premium quality cement for the niche market comprising discerning buyers who want a superior water-resistant cement.”

    He further added: “A house is built for generations and the inherent properties of Ultimate Ultra enable not only a dense & water tight concrete, it also protects the house against harmful chemicals & pollutants. This ultimately makes it weatherproof & long-lasting for future generations.”

    Ultimate Ultra is made with highly reactive clinker, ground with tailor- made water repellent chemical, which imparts a unique combination of better strength and moisture resistant properties right from the foundation to the roof.

    Ultimate Ultra offers the following benefits:

    • 1. It is a water-repellent cement with better setting time ensuring high early strength
    • 2. Its water-repellent property provides more strength to concrete
    • 3. It ensures optimum water demand in preparation of concrete
    • 4. It ensures better workability of concrete owing to its high slump retention properties
    • 5. It reduces permeability of resultant concrete
    • 6. It reduces shrinkage cracks from resultant concrete
    • 7. It is available in moisture-proof LPP bags assuring better shelf life
    • 8. A team of experts with ‘On Site Vans’ and service bikes is there to provide expert advice

    Ultimate Ultra’ s water-repellent property makes it ideal for the following areas of application:

    • Construction of slabs exposed to rain or rain-puddle, all kinds of roofs, parking structures and parking plazas, drainage system and manholes, water storing structures like reservoirs, rooftop tanks, dams, spillways, submerged structures etc.

    • Use in water treatment plants, barrages and swimming pools.

    • Where the structure is exposed to contaminated water such as foundations adjacent to sewer lines, septic tank, bridge piers submerged in water etc.

    MP Birla Cement’s best in class Customer Support Services will also be available to customers: r Toll Free No.: 1800 123 1117.

    At MP Birla Cement, we believe that our responsibility is not limited to manufacturing high-quality cement. It is our job to assist our consumers through their home-building process. The complementary services include:

    • • Engineer site visit
    • • Estimation & costing of the house
    • • Slab supervision
    • • Workability test of concrete (Slump Test)
    • • Rebound hammer test
    • • Sand bulkage test
    • • Silt determination of sand
    • • Test of water
    • • Test for elongation & flakiness of coarse aggregates

    The Cement Division of Birla Corporation Limited:

    The Cement Division has 10 plants in seven locations, Satna, Raebareli, Chanderia, Durgapur, Maihar, Kundanganj and Butibori. The total installed capacity of the 10 plants is about 15.5 million tons a year.

    M P Birla Cement now has the widest range of brands–Perfect Plus, Ultimate, Ultimate Ultra, Chetak, Unique, Samrat, Samrat Advanced, PSC, Multicem & Concrecem—meeting various construction needs, climatic conditions, regional and customer preferences etc. Its retail footprint extends from Rajasthan in the West to Bengal in the East, with a very strong presence in the central heartland of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra.

    All the plants of the Company have been extensively modernized, incorporating the latest state-of-the-art technology, to manufacture cement of the finest quality for perfect construction. The plants are ISO 9001:2000 certified, covering the entire range of production and marketing.