Repairing is your ceiling is more important than you think

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    We are well aware that keeping the four walls of your home in good condition is an essential requirement. But have you ever realized that your ceiling is the fifth wall of your home and it requires even more of your attention? This is because your ceiling is your number one defense against the weather, while also keeping your home secure, safe and dry.

    Therefore, since it is such an important feature, you might want to reconsider its position in your priority list. The ceiling of your home is not a set-and-forget installation. Just like every other feature in your home, it inescapably goes through wear and tear. If left unattended, a faulty ceiling can pose a dangerous threat to occupants living under it.

    This is precisely why it is essential to not look up from time to time and pay close attention to what’s above your head – the ceiling.

    Ceiling repairs can come off as a bit of a hassle, especially since it is a home improvement task that you cannot fix by yourself. Arranging for a local professional and dishing out your hard-earned money isn’t something that we readily wish to do. But it is worth considering particularly since the sooner you fix your ceiling, the lesser you have to spend on damages.

    Here are some ways to distinguish if your ceiling needs repairs:

    Your house is aged

    If you live in an old house, chances are that the ceiling, structure and some other aspects have not been repaired in a while. In fact, living in any old house is a little risky as these structures are aged and have gone through quite a bit of depreciation. The ceilings of an old house can flake easily and fall, therefore the occupants should maintain a routine checkup and carry out repairs without any delays

    The ceiling is showing signs of strain

    Another very obvious sign that clearly indicates your ceiling needs repair is if it has cracks, water damage or if you see that parts of it are peeling and falling off. These may seem like minor problems, but if not tackled quickly, they can quickly turn into a menace. If you ever come across a part of your ceiling sagging, this means that substantial damage has occurred and restoration is required to prevent it from spreading to other areas.

    Discolouration or soiling patches

    Have you ever noticed parts of a ceiling where the colour is faded and discolored with ring-like patches? If so, then this too is a sign that one must get their ceiling checked. Discolouration can occur because of heat but it could also be caused due to water damage. The latter is particularly bad because it can cause dampness and leakage which can seep into the foundation. Other than that, electrical points and fixtures mounted on the ceiling can get damaged and short


    Water damage in ceilings can lead to excessive dampness which in turn can progress to the point of mold formation. The spores from mold can cause a lot of health problems for those living in the house particularly among the young and elderly. Air quality inside the house can drop and increase instances of cold and allergy-like symptoms. Therefore, even the slightest water leakages or mold formations in ceilings should be removed with professional help.

    One should find the root cause of their ceiling problems and get it fixed immediately. Repairing one’s ceiling is more economical than replacing the ceiling. This can only be done provided the damages are not too vast. This is why frequent inspections should be carried out to keep your ceiling sturdy and maintain the integrity of your home.

    Other than that, using a premium quality water repellent cement can go a long way in keeping your ceiling in good condition. At MP Birla Cement too, we’ve got a range of water repellent Cement products that is known to improve the strength of the construction and moisture resistance not only of the ceiling but of the foundation as well. Hence it is essential to choose products that increase the strength and workability of the concrete as it aids in maintaining your ceiling for a longer period.