Supporting Small Milk Producers At Satna, MP- A CSR Initiative By Birla Corporation Limited

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    Milk Producers At Satna

    In the heart of Madhya Pradesh, Birla Corporation Limited (BCL) is scripting a transformative narrative. Beyond its reputation as the best cement brand in India, BCL is leaving an indelible mark on the lives of small milk producers in Satna through a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative.

    Let’s have a deep understanding of this thoughtful and strategic initiative by the reputed Birla Corporation Limited and how it uplifts the economic development of our nation.

    Bridging Lives: The Dairy Farmers Producer Organisation

    Under the umbrella of its Livelihood & Women Empowerment program, Birla Corporation Limited has taken significant strides to bolster the income and food security of small milk producers in Satna.

    At the epicenter of this initiative is the Dairy Farmers Producer Organisation (DFPO) named Vindhya Kshetra Dudha Producer Sahakari Samiti Maryadit, Bharjunakala. This organisation has registered 140 farmers from the villages. Thus, paving the way for a positive change in the region.

    The primary goal of DFPO is to improve the income of small-scale dairy producers. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, Birla Corporation Limited has connected this organisation with the Sanchi Milk Collection Unit, operating under the Madhya Pradesh State Co-operative and Dairy Federation.

    It carries forth the promise of a community empowered, an economy strengthened, and lives transformed.




    More Power to the Value Chain: A Win-Win for All

    The establishment of a milk collection center in Bharjunakala village led to the strengthening of the value chain. Sanchi, a reputable name in the dairy industry, now collects milk from this center. Thus, ensuring a regular and efficient process without any hindrance.
    With an initial membership of 140 farmers, DFPO has ambitious plans to expand its reach. A goal of registering over 300 farmers has been set, and it is hoped that the benefits of this initiative will be widespread.

    As DFPO grows, so does the promise of a sustainable and prosperous future for Satna’s small-scale dairy producers.

    Empowering Lives Beyond Milk Production

    Birla Corporation Limited doesn’t stop at just linking farmers with dairy value chains. In collaboration with the BAIF NGO, the company runs a comprehensive Livestock Development Program in the project villages. This program supports the villagers by offering different animal husbandry services. This includes vaccination, deworming, cultivation of green fodders, health camps, farmers’ training, and cross-breed programmes through artificial insemination.

    More than 1400 farmers from 21 villages are benefitted from this programme and more than 800 cross-breed calves are born.






    A Vision for Sustainable Development

    Birla Corporation Limited’s CSR initiatives in Satna, MP, embody a vision for sustainable development that goes beyond its core business of being the best cement company in India.

    By fostering collaboration, creating strategic alliances, and empowering small milk producers, Birla Corporation Limited is promoting economic growth, and sowing the seeds of empowerment that will yield lasting benefits for generations to come