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    Vastu: superstition or science?

    Environmental relevance and scientific approach to Vastu

    Your home is where you spend most of your time. It is likely that you have put in a lot of time, energy and money in building your house. But when it comes to following vastu fundamentals, the opinions are clearly divided. While there are people who before buying their dream home will ensure that it is vastu compliant, there are others who believe vastu shastra is nothing but superstition. Let’s discuss whether vastu practices are based on any scientific grounds or not.

    Vastu rule #1: Place a thick heavy wall on the south side

    Scientific explanation: In tropical countries like India, the walls on the south side of the house, have the maximum sun exposure. The north, northeast or north-west directions are comparatively cooler as they don’t receive heat directly. The thermal imbalance inside the house disrupts the flow of energy. As a remedy, vastu shastra suggests planting a tree in the south corners or blocking all the south openings to equalise thermal difference.

    Vastu rule #2: The wealth god resides in the east.

    Scientific explanation: Morning sunlight is a rich source of Vitamin D and UV rays. As we all know, Vitamin D is crucial for bone formation and UV radiations protect us from severe diseases. Moreover, absorbing morning light is easier as it’s less heat and more light. If you have windows in the east, open them in the morning to let the sunlight in. The rays will boost your health. If windows are placed in the opposite direction, it could affect your health as the afternoon rays contain harmful infrared rays.

    Vastu rule #3: Facing north, while sleeping invites death.

    Scientific explanation: The reason behind this rule will prove how scientifically vastu shastra works. You must have heard about earth’s magnetism which runs from south pole to north pole. To align your body with the magnetic flow, you must lie down with your head in the south direction for a sound sleep. Sleep disorders can cause many health problems.

    The key purpose of vastu shastra is to guide architects so that they design a house balancing and taking advantage of the natural gifts of sunlight, wind and cosmic energy to build a place which makes the inhabitants happy and prosperous. What is your take on vastu shastra?