Ways to build your home sustainably -best cement for construction

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    Sustainable living is not just a trend, it has become a necessity. Today, homebuyers have become driven towards sustainable housing. For those who are not aware, sustainable housing refers to advocating an eco-friendly lifestyle that involves efficient use of energy and resources for a better-quality life. Along with contributing positively towards the environment, you will cut down on your energy costs as well. Now, there are effective ways to construct sustainable homes, right from employing the best cement for construction and environment, to insulating homes, using eco-paints, etc. These methods are not only easy to implement but will help in creating a healthy environment for your family and loved ones.

    Opt for double-glazed windows

    Before explaining why double-glazed windows should be your go-to-choice, we need to understand what double-glazing means. Double glazing refers to two layers of glass with a small insulating gap added between the window to regulate the heat flow in different directions. Hence, double-glazed windows assist in insulating your interiors, where the temperature becomes cooler during summer and warmer during winter. The other alternative to double-glazed windows can be thermal blackout curtains that perform the exact function of a double-glazed window.

    Apply eco-friendly paints

    We all know that paints have considerable traces of lead and other volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) that amount to allergies, headaches, throat irritation, etc. This is the reason why you should switch to eco-paints, a much healthier alternative for your home and families. Eco-paints are less toxic to make. They emit less amount of toxins that reduce indoor air pollution.

    Go for passive solar design

    Choosing passive solar design harnesses energy from the sunlight that assists in heating or cooling interiors. This is because passive solar design uses building materials that absorbs, transmits or reflects the radiation of sun rays. This, in turn, lets you consume less amount of energy for heating and cooling down your spaces.

    Using energy-efficient appliances Two kinds of costs are involved when you invest in appliances for your home- a) cost of purchase and b) cost of operating. Usually appliances like dishwashers, air conditioners, water heaters, stoves, etc tend to take up maximum amount of electricity. When you use energy-efficient appliances, you tend to lower down the operating price.

    Make use of drip irrigation system

    Greenery has umpteen benefits for your lifestyle. Apart from beautifying your homes and boosting your mental cum physical health, it purifies the air and keeps the spaces cooler. Since large quantities of water are wasted on watering down yards and gardens, drip irrigation comes across as a renewable and suitable alternative. This is because in drip irrigation systems, you eliminate the usage of pumps to save electricity. You also reduce wastage through evaporation.

    Going forward with sustainable construction material

    When you build the foundation of your home with sustainable, non-toxic cement material, it contributes to less damage to the environment. Take for example, MP Birla cement, providers of India’s best quality cement for construction.

    Known as the best cement manufacturers in India. It has come up with Build Water Smart comprising MP Birla’s premium blended cement that utilises less water during construction.Thus, you can save thousands of litres of water easily. In this way, MP Birla Cement takes one notch forward into conserving water as well as the environment.

    Be it building a new house or indulging in home improvements, investing in a sustainable makeover of your home can help you restore better gains in terms of energy savings and a comfortable lifestyle.