What are the Covid Safety Measures for Construction

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    In these uncertain times of COVID-19, minimizing the spread of this virus has become a top priority worldwide. This task has been quite challenging for many nations as a variety of essential businesses had to remain open. The construction industry is one such trade that was deemed essential. Even though many projects were halted for a short span of time and workers were restricted from traveling, government orders required the construction of projects to resume.

    Even during ‘normal’ times, construction employers were required to maintain certain safety protocols. With the COVID-19 pandemic, work has become even more challenging for construction workers. By definition, this industry obligates the duties to be carried out in very close proximity to others and hence, prevention measures are extremely important to curtail the spread of the COVID-19 virus and ensure the safety of employees. sure to help.

    The construction industry members have tried to address both long-term and short-term business challenges faced during this period. Yet although the full breadth of the problems faced is unknown, the industry is making the required changes and adapting to every new issue that is arising from the pandemic. In this section, we shall explore a few COVID safety measures that should be adopted for the safety of the construction industry employees.

    Transportation safety measures

    Vehicles used to transport workers to and from construction sites are thoroughly disinfected prior to the onboarding of the workers. This is conducted before each trip.

    Every worker deemed ‘fit to travel’ undergoes temperature screening and has to pass through a full-body sanitization chamber before stepping into the vehicle.

    Wearing suitable masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) is mandatory at all times.

    Site access safety measures :

    Limited access of people into the site office is practiced. Signs are put up at the entrances that state ‘Restricted access.’ Tasks that can be performed from outside are encouraged – for instance, dropping off forms is conducted from outside the office areas.

    Sinks to wash hands are made available along with handwashes. Hand sanitizers are provided for visitors and staff in all areas.

    Site offices and frequently used spaces are disinfected at frequent intervals. Thorough sanitization is carried out prior to and post-work completion

    Safety measures that are taken by MP Birla Cement to prevent the spread of COVID-19

    All employees are obligated to maintain social distancing, wear proper masks and sanitize their hands often. Foot-operated hand sanitizer and hand wash are provided to limit the need to touch surfaces. These are provided at all entry and exit points and also in different places in the plant and colony.

    Employees are requested to consult doctors if they show any symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, cough, cold, etc. They are also encouraged to stay at home during these times and also when a family member is unwell.

    All staff members are instructed not to move around unless necessary. They are requested to stay in their designated areas of work

    RTPCR report is compulsory for all outstation guests for gaining access to the plant

    Awareness sessions are conducted by a team of doctors to educate and encourage the construction workers to maintain the safety measures and not take the current situation lightly at every Unit.

    Vehicles, offices, common spaces, and washrooms are sanitized frequently and regularly.

    All units encouraged the distribution of food and rations to deprived families who were facing economic problems due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Formation of a COVID-19 helpdesk team to assist in the way forward and provide mental support to employees suffering from COVID.

    Soap distribution was conducted. Masks made by women were also distributed among the workers, officers of MP Birla cement and village people as CSR initiatives by the Units.

    A vaccination drive was conducted for employees above the age of 45+ years of age at every unit.

    Taking vaccinations has been made mandatory across all offices.

    With such measures in mind, MP Birla is doing its bit to carry out operations in a safe and hygienic way during the COVID-19 pandemic